Thursday, December 20, 2007


So i know that its been a really long time since i last updated this thing and thats for a couple of reasons.
1: Had a bunch of random bills that i was not expecting so had to take out all my money online.
2: I got really lazy
3: Honestly I just got tired of writing about the same boring stuff that im sure no one was even reading.

I decided that im going to change some things, First- I am going to whore myself out there and try to get up a bunch of link swaps w ppl that have high traffic blogs, I am going to update this thing AT LEAST twice a week, and when i do i will pick a couple hands from the past few days and try to go over them and hopefully i will get some readers to comment on them also ( if you read this please please leave a comment on my hands that i post even with just a simple " i like your line here" or " your a total donk").
I am going to still be grinding out sngs but i am also going to be playing a lot of cash games, mostly 6-9 tableing at the .10-.25 level. I am also going to give my usual rants and raves about dumb shit going on w me.

Finally, for those that are wondering, i didn't redeposit money online, I played a few 70fpp sats to the $10 tourney and think i won like 8 of the 15 or so i played and then won 3 Sunday million seats almost in a row and made a ft of the 7.70 plh tourney and won a 45 man sng all in a matter of a week. I did cash out most of it but left myself with a comfortable roll for 25nl.

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