Friday, March 30, 2007

2 FTs, a cashout and Stars

so last night i played in the Absolute $7k guaranteed tourney and i got 7 place for @ $250 and this morning i got 4 place in the pokerstars $11 tourney for $497, of course i took a bad beat in that one when we were 4 handed but oh well. I FINALLY HAVE A BR ON STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a plyer from Absolute to trade me $100 for stars and after 4 DS to the sunday million and a few sngs i was down to $35. Also i cashed out 2k from Absolute so i am going to have to be carefull on there now because i am not going to move down levels and only have about 20 buyins left, never mind i forgot i cashed in that tourney and didnt feel like deleting that. I might try to satty in to the 150k and the 60k this weekend but i dont know, my main goal is just to work up my stars roll by playing all of the really +ev sats on there and keeping the T$

my SN on stars is dezznutzzz fyi

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So i was playing the $50/$7500 guaranteed today and i was in first place by about 9k with blinds at 1k/2k and 15ppl left and all of a sudden Absolute crashes. After about an hr of waiting around and sending them an email i decide that maybe they will just do a chip equity chop or something of that sort......well come to find out when i get back home that about 1 1/2 hrs after it crashed they decided to continue running the tourney, and i finished 8th for $245. This is such bullshit, i found a guy who was playing in it w/ me and he had finished second and said that 8 ppl blinded out. I sent them an email basically saying that if they didnt compensate me in someway then i was going to have to take all of my money off of their site and that i was going to post on every online poker forum what had happened and how they took care of it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So i was in 5 sngs earlier and by some freak of nature was running extremely hot. I was destroying the bubble in 2, i mean like 4500 cl in both, two i was in first place with 5 left in one and 6 left in the other and the last one just started.
All of a sudden my internet connection drops, im used to it dropping for a few seconds because i have wireless but this time it dropped for good. I got on my roommates computer because all of the lights were solid green on the modem so i thought it was just my computer messing up but his didn't work either. So i called the internet company and finally got a hold of them ( which was a surprise because it was 3:30am) and they said that in my area there are actually ppl doing maintenance so they were having "downtime". Needless to say, i blinded out of all my sngs.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Break even streak

So over the past 55 or so sngs i have been pretty much break even. Of those 55 the first 35 i was completely even and with the last 20 i am up $82. I know that is not many at all but it just sucks seeing my BR go up and then right back to where it started at


Friday, March 23, 2007

this is one of the few things that i have ever actually roflol at. I say that i am going to do this to my GF all the time

I love you baby, but one day....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am really trying to get some money on Pokerstars or Full Tilt and was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a transfer w me, not for to much just like 500 or 1k. If your interested let me know i will give you $525 for $500 somewhere else or $1050 for $1000 somewhere else just because i know it is a pain in the ass.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I have been playing alot of sngs lately because i have just been getting killed in tourneysand cash games. I think i have found my sweetspot too, after dropping a couple hundred i dropped down to the $22 sngs. Not because thats what my BR limits are but rather because i was up to about $3500 and in less then 5 days i was almost down to $2700 and i just couldnt handle losing $1000 in that short of time. I have been playing realy good lately and am almost back up to $3k. I am going to go fishing w my girlfriend and my family for a couple of days so i wont post until maybe Monday.

Friday, March 9, 2007

been playing ok i guess

so i just got done playing some sngs. I did pretty good in them overall i think but still not enough first place finishes. Also i have been trying to play more cash games but i remembered why i dont play them online anymore. I decided to start a session and 4 table .50/1 and the very first table i got to i waited for the bb and when it got to me i got dealt AA. Well i raised it to 4 and got only the button to call, flop came out As3h9d i bet out 5 and got reraised to 17 so i re-reraised to 39 and got a call. The turn was a Js and i wanted to just take down the pot right there so i pushed the rest of my stack in which was $57 and got instacalled by 5s4s and the river was of course a 2 giving him the straight.LOL.
Also in tourneys i have been playing alot better and making it alot deeper consistanly its just to bad that its still never in the money because of the tourney size it only pays a few. I think that i have about 10 finishes in 25-19 place when the tourney pays only 18 spots, and when i do cash i end up making a stupid play and bust in the first money level. Ill post some pics of my stats later.

Monday, March 5, 2007

First major FT

so i dont know if it can really be considered a major...but it is for me!!!
I final tabled the 60k guaranteed today on Absolute. I was CL with about 20 to go and then battled it out for the CL when it was down to the final 13-18 but lost a huge coin flip on the FT bubble AK<1010 which if i had won i would have had double second place chips but oh well. I went into the FT in 8th place and after some push fold poker that where i ended up busting. I got $1704 which isnt to bad since i satellited in for $40, well actually i played in two sats. to it. One was a $20 freezeout and the other was a $40 sng. I got in on the sng but lost the tourney so i was in for $60 but won a last longer bet with a player Pokerskibum for $25 so i was really in for $35.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Finally broke the curse lol

So i finally think my bad run of sngs is over. I played 5 today and had 2 wins 2 seconds and 1 third. That's the most in a row that i have cashed in since my bubble streak began.I am not on my computer now but i will post more pics of my stats later

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Running so bad right now

God i am running so bad, I am on a $400 downswing which is horrible for me as the biggest down swing i have ever had was around $250. I was looking at my sng stats and i have cashed in 5 of my last 19 sngs:
1st- 1
2nd- 1
3rd- 3
4th- 9
5th- 4
9th- 1
Also i have busted on the exact bubble in tourneys 3 out of the last 7 times, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but maybe i need to just tighten up on the bubble and stop trying to build a stack. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE HELP!!!
I really hope that this is just a really hard run of variance but i don't know, it just seems like every time i play i take some sort of horrible beat to put me out. I have tried moving down levels and playing really tight. There have been about 5 or 6 times where i I'm in a sng and i play literally 2 or 3 hands until the blinds get to 50/100 or 100/200 and i will make a play and get called by K10 or A8 or any kind of stupid hand that should not be played against a really tight player and they end up beating me, and these are in the $44 sngs not the $2 sngs that Absolute has. I don't know, maybe i will start posting HH just to show I'm not just playing bad, or maybe i am and someone can point out a flaw that they notice i don't know i just need help.