Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not to eventfull

I didnt play that much today since i had to be at work at 2 and went to bed last night around 8. When i got home i took like a 30min nap and then played some cash games for a while. I lost a buy in at 25nl and then got it back in another session, i think i ended up like $4.35 at 25nl today, after that and after about an hr of persuasion i convinced my roommate to deposit on Full Tilt. We went to Walgreen's and bought a visa gift2go card which worked right away, after railing him for a while i decided to play a few HU sngs and when 3/4 in them also i played in a $11 9 man SnG and was dominating until we got heads up and my AQ lost to A4 to get us even stacked, i donked around a bit but managed to get the lead again. The only thing i dont like about the SnGs on Absolute is that the levels are not time based but rather hand based so after 10 hand the blinds jump which doesnt leave any room for poker when it gets short handed, I think when we finally finished the blinds were at 1000/2000 and only 13500 in play

Monday, January 29, 2007

A little confidence back

After i made the last post i was down to 13.75 at the table and everyone left because someone sat w 100 ( fyi- absolute lets you sit with double buyins at csh games ie. 50nl you can sit w 100 but when i refer to me sitting i only buy in for 50) i stayed and figured i might as well lose this too but i doubled up the first hand when i hit a set of 6s and he was bluffing. A few hand later some guy(2) sat w 32.75...im guessing his whole roll and was playing really tight. The only hand he got involved in was when Big Stack raised $2 on his BB and he raised it to 4, BS raised it to 6and guy2 shoved 25+ into with AQ, BS calls with 22 and board reads 5KK77 so his hand doesnt even play. VerY next hand when guy2 is talking shit about how that was dumb of him to call w 22 i get A9hh on the button and i raise to 1 and then both call, i flop the absolute nuts on a Kh7h3h with my A high flush and it checks to me so i bet 1 guy2 calls and BS makes it 4, we both call and turn is a A, BS bets 7 guy 2 calls and i type "lol tilting much" and he says "STFU SMD" so i just smooth call knowing hes gonna push the river and sure enough he does and im surprised guy2 calls. I really wish i had more money at the table because guy2 had a little over 30 left over. when he flips over his 77 he starts going crazy saying that i was cheating and that he was gonna repot me and all this shit. Before i left the table i had to see what BS had and he had 104 o and was tilting exactly like i said
Now having to pay to fix my wall isnt gonna suck as much


So not only do i bubble the tourney im in i get stacked at 25nl 88<58 and again at 50nl, well first i lose a $40 pot JJ<69 then the very next hand i get AA and UTG makes it $2 i make it $4 and get 3 callers, utg shoves $24 i shove $35and it folds around he flips QQ flop comes A10K7J to give him broadway. Not only did i just get rivered two hand in a row for $100 but i also punched a hole in my wall and that will probably cost me another $20 to fix. to top it off when im in the BB i get AA again and get walked
* i thought i quit playing at pokerstars, guess they just changed there name*

Dear God....why do you always make the the bubble

As i was typing the last entry this hand came up
blinds are 400/800/75
2 late pos limpers SB completes and me in BB w A2
flop is A25
BB checks, i bet 1600 both LP call and SB shoves and i have 8400 left
I actually think about folding for a split second but i always fuck myself and never think through my plays before i make them.
I call and he flips 34 to show me the nuts and im gone in 40th
it pays 36

My after thoughts of the hand
As soon as i make the call i realise he has to have me beat, there is no way he could shove on me without at least a set especially since there is really not much fold equity as i am already in for 2475 and have 8400 left but Avg is around 15k. I realise that my biggest downfall late in these tourneys is not thinking about my plays all the way through and i know it has cost me lots of $$. For a while i had a sticky not on my computer that said " STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT" but obv it was not there today. i think though that this is actually good for my game for a few reasons:
1. I learn from my mistakes
2. I KNEW i was beat after i called
3. I analysed the hand correctly after my momentary lapse of reason
4. I remembered about the sticky note that is def. gonna have to go back up

But the bubble can still SMD it sucks so bad especially since it has happened in the last 3 tourneys i played in less then 24hrs not including the AP free roll

Tourney update

I have pretty much been around 30th place since the beggining of this thing and just moved up to 20th with 47 left blinds at 300/600/75, next hand i make it 4x from button with 44, blinds fold and MP guy who limped called, flop comes 346 rainbow and i bet out half the pot and get a flat call, turn is a 5 and he checks and i bet 2400 again he flat calls river is a Q and he bets 3200 and i just call and to my surprise he flips A7....actually im not surprised
Next hand i double through the same guy and back in 20th place

Early double ups

I seem to be making a lot of early double ups on Absolute, i am playing the 1.5k guarantee and hit a nice little quadruple up w QQ against 44,66 and AK. currently 6/287. Also i played in the AP challenge today and it was a total roller coaster. I was at 3k by the 6th hand and by the 18th i was down to 180. i waited around since i was on the button and when i was utg i picked up KK and tripled up, the next two hands i doubled again and was right back in it. I don't remember how i busted i think it was top two against a set but i ended up getting 127 out of 588

Sunday, January 28, 2007

my handle fits me well

just busted out of the tourney AK to K8 all in pre-flop with an 8 on the river. I guess its not as bad as if i had a huge stack and got 3 outered but it still sucks because it payed 18 and i got 20th. I would have made the same call if i was in the other guys position too, he had about 10k in chips and in the bb when they were at 150/300 i had just gotten called on a huge bluff and was down to 1800 and in the SB. once again i get no sleep but i didnt even cash in a tourney tonight so it really sucks.

a few HU wins and of course some bad beats

Played a few HU sngs today and won them, other then that i didnt realy play much except for my fav two nightly tourneys the 2:30am and 3:30 am $5. In the 2:30 one i was in 7 place with 23 to go and get AQs in the BB, blinds at 100/200 and i make it 600 to go and get 3 callers flop comes AK9 and i lead out for 1600 into a 2500 pot because the CL is in the hand and i didnt want to give him good odds to draw out on me he flat calls and i figure im good since he prob would have raised AK pre, other two fold and the turn is an 8 i pushed in my 3700chips into a 5700 pot and he tanks it for a while and im praying for a call because i know i have him, finally he calls with QJ. Can you guess what hit...thats right a fuckin 10. i would have been in second place with @ 13k and have a chip lead on 3rd by at least 3k. well lets see if i can do the same thing as yesterday when i bust out of the first tourney and FT the second. Currently 13/34 gl me

Saturday, January 27, 2007

FUCK ME- i got conned( well sorta)

i was sitting at a 25nl table and i was playing this guy heads up for about 30 min. I got my ass owned by some guy who literaly raised it 4x bb every hand and for some reason i fell victim to his stupid ways. he told me that he had just started playing and got money from a freeroll but thats not why i was playing him but every time i would take a big pot off of him he would reload to 50 and i didnt even realise it. Anyways this guy was hitting every flop if he missed the flop he would for sure hit his draw on me. Anyways i ended up getting stacked for my initial 30 and then for the 20 i took off of him. well i was just curious if he was playing higher limits because he seemed to have a total disregard for money and sure enough...there he was at 5/10 nl. This guy had me tilted so hard that i pushed on his reraise for only $4 more w/ K6o into his KK.

Another FT and goal for today

i just busted 7th in another $5 tourney.... to bad i hardly ever ft a big stars tourney but i seem to have no problem on Absolute. I am gonna try and play about 500 hands today not including the HU cash game im sitting at.


feels great to give someone a bad beat when i take them all the time. I had Ah8d on the button and i raise 4x to steal and only the SB calls, the flop comes 8 high w/ two diamons so i shove and he calls w/ QQ and i hit running diamonds to take it down with my 8 of diamonds flush

finished my 25 sngs and playing some tourneys

So i know it was a really small sample and i finished before i thought but overall i did pretty well i think. I won 17 out of 25 and after rake it came out to be 33.75 so its not to bad. I decided that i was gonna play in the tourney i won the other night and i doubled up pretty quick in the first 30 min. I had about 36oo chips and i got into it with the guy that had around 6k. I had A6hh and was in the hijack seat, the blinds were at 60/120 and i make it 480 to go and the bb calls. My read on this guy was that he was really tight and that i would probably be able to steal the pot after the flop. Flop comes Ad6dKx i figure him for atleast an A when he min raises so i just min raise back and he makes and instacall so i figured i was up against a draw prob. Next card was a 7x and he checks so i push and once again with the instacall and i think im waaayyy behind but no he flips over J9dd....the guy who has played maybe 10 hands the whole tourney called of more then half his stack with one card to come and only 9 outs at best. Obv the river diamond was fun. Oh well, im playing in another tourney and i hope to make it deep in this one

Friday, January 26, 2007

Destroying HU sngs

So two seconds after i made the last post i won a sng on the very first hand when i flopped a straight to his set. after that i won 1 lost 1 won 1 lost 1 and was getting very pisses until i went on a pretty good run and won 6 more in a row. i think im gonna stop for know since its 6:45 am and i have work at 12 and it feels pretty good having won 10 outta 13

Great start

just thought i would post saying that i am off to a great start..... very first Sng i get allin preflop w JJ to 10 6o yessssssssssssssssssss, oh hello flop of 10 3 6 my name is Martin, plz give me a fucking in my ass. TY

i know i said not until next month but....my first semi challenge

i am not doing so hot in these HU sngs and its tilting me so bad that i want to just keep moving up limits to win it back. After winning the tourney the other night my BR was 199...now its at 142 which isn't good. All of that loss is not from the Sngs but most of it is a direct result of it because i get mad and tilt cash games. So my first little challenge to myself is to play 25 HU sngs by Saturday night before i play anything else, i know that isn't much but since i only have 27buy ins for this and i'm gonna spend most of Fri night w my gf i figure it should be enough. If its successful then i will do longer ones in the future, if its not successful then i will be pretty much busto for a while since it seems impossible to deposit money anywhere

Heads up Sngs and Cashgames

I just finished playing 3 more HU sngs and even though 10 is a very very small sample im starting to wonder if maybe i just cant beat them...well beat the rake actually because after winning two and losing one im only up $3.75 on all my HU sngs. I really want to get better at these but it seems sorta weird that i can dominate HU cash games but cant make a profit in HU sngs. In my hr and a half session two tabling 25nl i ended up down $8.75 after losing a $34 pot w AQ to AK on an AAx board so thats always fun. I think im about to see if i can find someone sitting at 50nl by themselves to try and catch up for the day but if not oh well there is always tomorrow

Thursday, January 25, 2007

sjfdlkf sdfouij I hate omaha

Of course i work my stack back up and am in 8th place but i knew i was bound to take a beat. i ended up getting allin after the flop with AsAd5s6d and the flop comes 3h5d5h and so i lead out for about half he pot and get raised. I figure im ahead so i just push and get called by Ah5c9h2h so of course the river is a heart. i have 300 chips left after being in the BB when they are 300/600 and am dealt JJ4J, it folds to the SB who calls and i push whats left in he calls and has xx55 and obv a 5 on the river.


ever since i got my first FT in that PLO8 tourney i have thought i new what i was doing even though i realized today that i have no fucking clue. Im playing in a $5 plo tourney and i doubled up on the third hand and ran that up to near 5k but then proceded to donk of my chips after that. im down to 1400 chips and sitting 20/29 so lets hope i can go on a rush or something because it only pays to 9

HU play

i busted really quick out of a $2 tourny i was in so i decided to try some heads up Sngs since i have really been trying to focus more on those. I love playing HU cash games but unfortunatly Absolute does no offer them anymore so i have to get lucky and find someone when they are sitting by them self which is not to often. i played 6 $5.25 HU sngs and i finished down $1.50 because of the rake, im pretty sure thats not really a great way to start going 3 and 3 but im gonna keep at it. I did find people though that were sitting by themself 50nl so i sat with them and i stacked them both but unfortunatly they werent sitting with much one guy had 27 and after the rake it came out to be 23 and the other guy had 20 and after the rake it was only 17 but is was still a nice little profit.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


i just took down the tourney but since it was only 119ppl i only got $139 for it but ill take it. Nothing really exciting happened i kinda just sat around and waited since i went into the FT with twice as many chips a second place. When we got heads up we were pretty much even stacked because he had just knocked out the last 3 ppl. the only two key hands really were 1. after i had gotted a 2:1 CL on him i baited him to push when i had AQhh and he had Kd3c, DOMINATION...right? not on a flop of 7c3h8c and then AcJc jjdmcoiwjfsl;dkjfsfs of course he gets running cards and 2. i had 77 in the sb and raise it 4x he thinks for a while and calls, flop comes AQA i bet and he calls turn was and 9 i bet he raised and for some reason i thought he was on a complete bluff so i called. River was an A and he pushed as soon as it hit and i had the 3rd nuts by what was on the board itanked it for as long as i could and finally called to see him turn over 44 and he was down to 7000 chips when the blinds were at 2ooo 4000and it was done just a couple of hands later. I know that its not really that big of a deal because i have won a couple of $4.40 on stars before which have 180 people but this is my first win under the tourney tab and i hope i finally broke the curse. Plus its not a bad way to start of with my free money.

late night tourneys

after busting out of the Stars tourney and watching my roommate still play i got the itch to play a late night tourney even though i almost always fall asleep but the play is so bad in these that i just couldn't pass it up. Its the $5 2:30 am tourney on absolute and it only has 119 people so its really a big SnG but hey its under the tourney tab so if i take it down for my first win then it still counts right. I have made a few final tables before but they were all in dollar tourneys with 1000+ ppl in it and i ended up busting about mid final table in all of them but one which was a $10 PLO8 and i got 4th so it would be nice to add another one under the belt, especially a win. right now I'm sitting 14/57 so maybe this is it

only 1 week in jan. so no goals yet

I just received my money on Absolute and imm. sat down at a 25nl table with the minimum buy in of 10 since i am trying to be smart and have good BR management and played for about 25 min with nothing worth mentioning happening especially since I'm trying something new and playing extremely tight ABC poker without trying to bluff as much. I finally pick up KK in the big blind and it proceeds to fold around to the button who had just sat at the table and he makes it 5xbb and the SB instacalls, I figure since its really my first hand that I'm interested in playing i was gonna be sneaky and just smooth call because i want some action and figure I'm ahead of the initial raiser because 1. hes on the button and it folded to him so hes raising a pretty wide range and 2. he just sat down and was trying to establish dominance since that's something i know i like to do, and with the insta action from the SB i figure him for AK-A10 since every time hes had a big pp he tanks it for a min to imply weakness. well i hit the jackpot when the flop came xKx rainbow and the SB lead out for a little more then half the pot so i once again was just gonna try and reel him in and just called and the button folded. The next card was an A and i was hoping that didn't kill my action if he had something like KQ or KJ but i guess my initial read was right because he pushed the rest of his stack in and i was more then happy to see i was up against AK. Now 15 min later i just busted out of the stars tourney i was also playing in QQ to 77 kjslfkjsdvcinfclkenfsdnsfsdfnf

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the beginning

hello my name is Martin and i will be using this to analyse, keep track of and record my progress in poker since moving into my own place. I have done a promotion with a website called pokersourceonline.com and received $50 for free(if your interested in doing it please use my referral code "doomswitched")on Absolute poker (SN- Provet) and I am going to set monthly monetary goals for my self to achieve. i do not REALLY intend for that many people to read this but if you do feel free to leave comments or criticism