Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I think my tourney game is getting alot better...FT in a small tourney

so i have been playing alot of tourneys lately and been making really deep runs but bust in the final 3 tables or so. I think i am finally starting to understand alot of situations better and have been doing really good in alot of the large field FTP tourneys. I play the daily doubles and the midnight madness almost every chance i get and each one has about 1000 players each time and that is where alot of my deep finishes have been coming but with only 1 FT when my roomate got called into work and i had to finish of one of the DD for him and ended up getting 5th i think. I count that as my own FT because he left with like 800 ppl in it still and only had 900 chips. Anyways, tonight i was playing in the only tourney that was starting on FT and it was a small $5.50 tourney with 400 ppl and i ended up getting second for like $300. I think i played really good in this tourney only sucking out 1 time and that was 3 handed and i wasnt far behind really, the big stack raised from the button and i had AJ in the SB with about 65k in front and the blinds at 2500/5000 and won a flip against 44 to get back in it. I was really happy when he knocked out the other guy because i have been working on my HU play ALOT and was really ready to see what i could do but the second hand into it i had QQ and lost an AIPF hand against AK and was out. Oh well cant complain really, this guy was running sooooo sick im surprised i didnt lose to something like 22.

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