Friday, June 1, 2007

Pretty disappointing day in poker

So i played the 3 rebuy on FT and was down to 10 ppl and i had a decent stack and was in 5th place but of course on FT all the bigstacks get put on the same table. I had AQs on the button and the 1st place guy limped utg but had been doing that alot so i raised to 4500 at 800/1600 with 37000 left behind, limper thinks for a while and repops to 15k even so i insta shove knowing pretty well i was probably ahead since he had been pushing the table around alot and he calls with K10s and the door card was a K to give him the lead, turn A and i take it back then obv K on the river to put me out 10th when 3 players had under 15k left. then to top it off, i was in 1st of a $10/180 sng from about 115 down to 30 when i get 1010 and raise a SS but comitting myself to the pot if he pushes and he wakes up w QQ to put me in 10th, lots of hands go by and i get wittled down to 20/25 then double through to get back to 9th. Very next hand i get KK in the sb folds around to me, i raise, get reraised then shove ..... into AA lol. and am out 19th.
I have been really happy with my play lately making alot of deep runs in tourneys but it just always seems that i lose a huge flip at the most crucial the final table bubbles. I think in the past week i have like 3 top 15 finishes w 0 FTs and 7 top 25 finishes. I cant wait for when i can actually start winning some flips deep in a tourney so i can finally get a win in a tourney that has more then 200ppl in it. When that time finally does come i am sure that i will be killing it.....

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