Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dropped a huge portion of my BR

So i have been playing alot of cash games lately and have taken so many coolers its unbelievable. I remember last night i was playing 6 tables or 50nl and i had AA< K8, AA< JJ, JJ< AA all at the exact same time on my tables. I had to get a new mouse today because i had worked those stacks up to almost 4 buyins total. I have dropped down to 25nl and i am getting alittle back now and also i am playing alot of HU sngs since the main reason i think i have been breakeven in my sngs lately is because my HU game is really suffering. I am doing pretty good in them again though, i think i had a 8-0 run in them just a little while ago. Although i am only playing the $6.50s i think that i am actually getting my game back on track.
****Im finally getting my check cleared from AP and i am going to be putting money on FT and Bodog (mostly because i want to start betting on sports) and i will be playing alot of live games also.

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