Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy birthday to me...

so yesterday was my bday and i was really surprised because my parents called me and told me that they bought me a new car. I am 20yrs old and this is my fourth car since i was 16. I know, i know spoiled..right? Yeah guess again. My first car (cost: $1200) was a 97'dodge neon and although it was in perfect condition it was a total chick car and i hated it, needless to say i wrecked it about 4 months after getting it( not at all my fault lol) so then my dad and me went to an auto auction where they lined up a bunch of old raggedy ass cars and it was just like you see on tv when they auction off farm animals. I ended up getting a 94' explorer(cost: $1250) sport which i also didnt like mainly because it didnt have AC and in gets hot as hell in texas, i ended up spending a shit load of money getting it fixed up and i had it for about a yr but when it was time to get a new inspection sticker it didnt pass because the exaust system was fucked up. Well i took it that day to get it fixed which cost me about $800 to redo the whole system and while i was there i bought all new tires since the others were pretty much down to the wires then not even a month later the headgaskets blew and i just said fuck it and my dad bought me another car. A 91' chevy blazer(cost:$900) with 230,000 miles on it and once AC, the headliner was falling off and it needed new tires, brakes, and lights. Well this time it actually didnt cost that much to fix everything because we traded the explorer to the mechanic to put on the new tires i just bought for the explorer onto the blazer, his friend fixed the headliner and they did the lights and brakes plus a tune up and gave us 5 free oil changes, so i think we ended up ahead onthat deal but still no fucking AC. Well i have had that car for only a few months now and alot of shit was going wrong with it. I mean obv it did have more then 150,000 miles on it then it should but then i came back home to Katy to see my family for my birthday and to go to a concert and when i was there my mom called me and said hey, do you want i car? i told her of course i do and she said good because w e just signed for one. I was really excited because when they said "signed" that had to have meant that they bought it from a dealer and sure enough they did. I know it still is kind of a girl car but yu have no idea how happy i am that i have a car that has AC, working gauges, more then 1 working speaker a headliner that doest let the shit from underneath it fly into my face and i dont have to worry about when its gonna break next. Oh yeah, its a 2007 ford focus zt4 or someshit like that btw.
So 4 cars in 4 years totaling about $15000- which is what most of the kids during high school payed for 1 car, actually it was more like 4/5 of what they payed

Now pokerwise, my bday sucked, i dont have time to post all my stats for my challenge but i will when i get back to San Antonio tomorrow. I got stacked again in HU cash on FT set over set for almost 2 1/2 buyins at .50/$1. But on stars i am actually killing the HU sngs finally, i watched the AaronBeen CR videos on HU sngs and it really has helped alot. I have played 43 $6.50 HU sngs over the last 3 days and i have a 73% win ratio.

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Mark said...

Happy Birthday Doomswitched... keep up the fine blogging!

Cheers, Mark