Saturday, May 5, 2007

Update and summer plans

i dont really have much to say. I realised that i would have a much bigger BR if i wasnt playing 15 tourneys a day, so i am limiting myself to 3 or 4 a day now and the rest will be sngs and cash. I have been playing alot of .50/1 HU cash on FT lately although i am defenitly no rolled for it i feel i have a pretty good edge against most of these players. I dont knwo what it is but in a sng on stars i for some reason cannot get a win when it gets to HU, i duont know why but i just cant. I think its all mental but oh well. The weird thing is, when im playing HU cash i am almost positive i am better then more then half of the ppl at the level i am playing. I transfered my roommate 50 on stars for 50 on FT so i could play the P5s open tourney ( btw i got a $75 bounty for knocking out dhubermex and a shoutout in the p5s podcast, so listen for my name in the next on, i requested him to say "he trapped me" in his best teddy KGB voice) anyways, i was around the chip lead from about 30 hands into it until almost the end of the second hr,who can guess how i lost...of course it was KK to A10, but i did get it allin after the flop of x1010 so i guess it was my fault lol. So back to the cash games, i used the other $28 to play HU and ended up leaving with exactly $100. I woke up the next morning to play somemore so i bought in for $30 on two tables and the funny thing is, i get stacked in both honestly within 20 seconds of eachother. One table i had 1010 QQ and lost a race to AK and the other table i had KK and lost to a gutshot allin after the flop.

end of bad beat stories.

I think that i might try and play alot more cash games since summer is coming up and i plan on playing in alot of live games around here, My GF is going back home for the summer so i will have alot of free time and i am actually going to see sort of what it would be like to do this for a living,( but not really)
So here is pretty much what i plan to do. I have $1750 left from the money i cashed out on AP and i will use that as my BR. I will be working about 25hrs a week at my job, making $9hr so about $725-$775 a month after taxes and that will be pleanty of money for my half of the rent and food. The rest of the time i will be playing an ungodly amount of poker, I have a game set for every day of the week, and even though they are all $1/$2 games almost every one buys in for only $100 so i have 17 buyins, throw in a couple of 10,15 and 20 Rebuy tourneys and the ocassional $50 super deepstack tourney that runs once a week i hope i have a big enough BR to be playing in the $2/$5 or $4/$8 games by the end of the summer.

I dont know if any of this makes sense or is even written to where you can follow my thought process but i promise it all made sense to me when it was coming out and i sort of just typed what i was thinking, how i was thinking it, plus its 4:00 am and im dead ass tired.

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