Monday, April 30, 2007

Not really much to post about

Over the past week i have been almost completely break even, and while i guess that is alot better then being down it still sucks. I was playing the $9.90 360 max tourney today and i was around 130 with 145 still in it and somehow i managed to get a top 5 stack until the final 35 which was pretty good. I dont know what happened really or why i did it ( prob because i was on the phone w my mom) but i shoved my sb w 83o after it folded around to me, the blinds were 400/800 and i had 23k the bb had 15k and and made a very loose call on the bubble f the tourney with A5 and when i hit my 3 i jumped but obv the A hit the river, lol. Well i worked my way back up to a 12th place stack and again made a kinda stupid play, i had AJ and made a 4x raise, flop came out 7 high and i check raised the tightest layer at the table, he came over the top and i had to fold and lost about half my stack. Finally i just shoved Q10s from mid pos when blinds were 600/1200 and i had like 15k.Oh well, i finished in 27th place and actually was happy because i have been on a HUGE tourney downswing.
- the other day i was playing in a $10 180man sng and i was doing really good, i doubled up on like the 5th hand. Anyways i flopped two pair w AJ on a rainbow flop, bet half the pot and got a call, turn was a spade, bet 3/4 pot got a call, and river was another spade, Still thinking im good i shoved all in and the guy had 78 spades for the running flush. Well i was down to 100 chips with the blinds at 25/50 and came back to get 8th place which still sucked because i was in 1st with 17 left but oh well, at least i made it that far from 2bbs.

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