Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last few days...

At times when im playing it feels like i am in total "domination" mode but also sometimes its just " i get hit by every two outer and lose every race" mode. Its really fun. lol. I have played in 17 tournaments the last few days and for the exception of the $3.30 triple shootout i haven't cashed in a single one. The TSO was really annoying, i love this tourney as it is one of the easiest ways to make money in a micro limit event. My only problem is that i always screw up at the FT and have never won it, I have had about 5 FT with nothing better then a 4th place finish and 1 3rd place. To bad they were all on my other accounts that have since been closed by support because this account is sooo rigged, lol. I have lost HU in the second round the last 3 times i played it. This time it was pretty sick though, the guy have me out chipped about 3-1 and the blinds were still at 50/100 and i came back to have him by 2-1 then i lost a flip AJ<10J sooooted, then i get coolered so bad I flop K high flush and he obv has the A high.
I think i played about 16 sngs yesterday and so far today and i made about $175 which isn't near what i would like it to be at but i took a shot at 7 tabling them on my laptop so the screens were really small so im hoping that had something to do with it.
As far a FPP go i have gotten them alot faster then i was thinking i was going to be getting them and actually got a little more then 3 days worth in just under 1 day so maybe it wont be as hard as i thought.
My sng game is readjusting back to the non turbos better then i thought, I don't have the roll to play the $27 turbos so I have to stick w the $22 until then but if things keep turning out the way they have been and my ROI is significantly better then the non turbos then i might just wait until I'm rolled for the $33 regulars. I just wish that stars sngs were done by hands like on Absolute instead of minutes played. I loved the fact that it was regular poker in the beginning but push/fold after it was about 4-5 handed, so many people couldn't adjust to it in time at the $22 level even if they are AP regulars.

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