Sunday, April 8, 2007

a little of every thing

so i have been playing alot lately, almost all $4.40/180 for the TLB contest. My two teammates are pretty much carrying my sorry ass. I thought it was going to be the other way around at first because after playing in 7 of them i had 3 ft and 1 14th place while my roommate hadnt cashed in any and the other guy hadnt even played. Well my roommate was leading us in points yesterday but last night the other teammate(dagg111) went on a sick ass run and had like 4 ft and a cash putting us in 3rd place in the contest. I stopped posting the updates on how i was doing because i realized i was going to kill myself if i was looking back at my stats and saw that i was on a 0-18 run in the things.
I have been determined to win a seat to the sunday million since i got money on stars and have failed miserably. I have tried every satellite they have from the $2.20 triple shootout to the $29 sng. After spending about $190 on them i finally won one and am offically not in the red for sats anymore.
I have never tried to make any of the VIP "stars" on pokerstars but i think this month i am actually going to try for it, I have 362FPP this month and need to get to 1500 total my the 30th. So i will need to get about 50 FPP a day so i will have to play either 5 $22 sngs a day or 10 $16 sngs a day for the rest of this month, give or take a couple because i will be playing the $4.40 still which give me 2FPP for every one i play.
Finally, yesterday was my GF 19th birthday so...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY.....even though you never read this

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