Friday, April 20, 2007

Realization about my game and how its hurting me

The last few days i have realized a few things about my game that need to stop.
Mostly I am to aggressive:
1.from the blinds when i think there is a steal in late position.
-one of my favorite things to do is pick off a steal attempt, and i would say honestly it pays off about 75% of the time if not more, especially if its late in a tourney but when it doesn't work, i go up in flames.
2.from late position no matter what my stack size is compared to the blinds.
- i can have about 15+bbs and even though that is not when i should be push fold i still get like that from late position in tourneys which has resulted in a ton of crash and burns
3. SBvBB
- i HATE sb limpers when its folded around so i will always bet out on them and alot of times it works too but when i get repoped i think that they are just tired of me doing it and are playing back( see post two days ago A3vsAA SBvBB) so i will just shove an insane amount of chips in.
4. against what i feel is a re steal when i try to steal from any position.
- Another one of my favorite things to do is re raise after i have been raised when i am trying to just pick up blinds.

Also i have realized that i might play to big of pots when i should really keep them smaller and not try to stay X amount ahead of avg in tourneys.

Another big thing is trying tourney strategies in a cash game because they WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!

I am on a huge downswing because of these things, i mean like 50% of my br downswing.
I really love being aggro but i think i am taking it a little two far, i mean in the beginning of tourneys when the blinds are insignificant i have no problem checking it down SBvBB or letting go of my hand when i am only 90% sure i have the best hand when i am facing a decision for all of my chips and i don't even have that many in the pot to begin with, because i know i can find a spot where i am 100% sure. I just don't know what happens to me but right after i make a play, before my opponent even acts i know that i did something stupid and that it is going to cost me a lot of money.


Alex Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the props man. It's cool to see you really analyzing your game. I know it can be daunting moving from one site to the next, and dealing with different players, but stick with it man and you should do well.

Jordan Lewis said...

HOW DO We link each other on or blogs i would like to do that

Mark said...

Love repopping SB limpers too... one thing I learned to watch out for is not to do it every time, otherwise they try and trap you with big hands at some point. Checking behind every now and again just gives enough doubt to make them raise their big hands.

Cheers, Mark