Sunday, April 15, 2007


this is kinda rediculous. I have played a little more then half of the games i did on Absolute and i havent even made 1/10th of what i did before i came back to Pokerstars. My placement finish is sooooooo bad, 22% 3rds and 10% 1sts, thats absolutely horrible. I think(hope) what it might be is that the sngs on AP are alot better for me because they are like a mix of the regular and turbo sngs on stars. The levels are changed every 10 hands instead of every 5 or 15 mins like stars. This means that when we are at a full table it is like a regular sngs where i can still play tight but see flops with a few more speculative hands and then when it gets short handed, which is my favorite part of sngs, it turns into a turbo because you get through 10 hands so much faster and there are not many AP regulars that really know how to adjust to it. Who knows maybe i just went on the "new account heater" lol and i really am just a breakeven player.

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