Sunday, April 1, 2007 $4.40/180 man tlb contest

so i am going to be playing ALOT of these $4.40/180 sngs for this month, me and my roommate joined a TLB contest on p5s with some other guy and i want to win so bad. I am off to a pretty good start too, i played the first 3 that ran since this contest started and i got 2 ft ( 3rd and 8th) and obv lose to really bad beats, the third one i misclicked for all of my chips w 37o lol.
I think that i am also going to be keeping track of how i do in these on here too, like posting number played,cashes,profit final tables and TLB points.

Played- 3
Cashes- 2
Final tables- 2
TLB- 203.27
Profit- $91.20

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