Saturday, March 24, 2007

Break even streak

So over the past 55 or so sngs i have been pretty much break even. Of those 55 the first 35 i was completely even and with the last 20 i am up $82. I know that is not many at all but it just sucks seeing my BR go up and then right back to where it started at


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astrodg said...

Hey, I occasionally play on Absolute, although I haven't played there too much lately. I haven't played poker online lately b/c I dont have my own computer, but I'm a pokerstars regular, I found their games a lot more ripe than absolute, especially in the low-limit cash games... plus they charge 10% rake and give you 30% back whereas pokerstars only charge 5% rake and give you FPPs back... I dunno

My SN is plusEVdg anyways, feel free to look me up :D