Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So i was in 5 sngs earlier and by some freak of nature was running extremely hot. I was destroying the bubble in 2, i mean like 4500 cl in both, two i was in first place with 5 left in one and 6 left in the other and the last one just started.
All of a sudden my internet connection drops, im used to it dropping for a few seconds because i have wireless but this time it dropped for good. I got on my roommates computer because all of the lights were solid green on the modem so i thought it was just my computer messing up but his didn't work either. So i called the internet company and finally got a hold of them ( which was a surprise because it was 3:30am) and they said that in my area there are actually ppl doing maintenance so they were having "downtime". Needless to say, i blinded out of all my sngs.

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