Friday, March 9, 2007

been playing ok i guess

so i just got done playing some sngs. I did pretty good in them overall i think but still not enough first place finishes. Also i have been trying to play more cash games but i remembered why i dont play them online anymore. I decided to start a session and 4 table .50/1 and the very first table i got to i waited for the bb and when it got to me i got dealt AA. Well i raised it to 4 and got only the button to call, flop came out As3h9d i bet out 5 and got reraised to 17 so i re-reraised to 39 and got a call. The turn was a Js and i wanted to just take down the pot right there so i pushed the rest of my stack in which was $57 and got instacalled by 5s4s and the river was of course a 2 giving him the straight.LOL.
Also in tourneys i have been playing alot better and making it alot deeper consistanly its just to bad that its still never in the money because of the tourney size it only pays a few. I think that i have about 10 finishes in 25-19 place when the tourney pays only 18 spots, and when i do cash i end up making a stupid play and bust in the first money level. Ill post some pics of my stats later.


1st Rule Of Poker said...

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Dremeber said...

Know the feeling, once ITM I start playing very loose. It is like I don't care anymore cause the goal is reached. Tha's also probably why my best result so far is 5th place in a 3000seater freeroll.