Monday, March 5, 2007

First major FT

so i dont know if it can really be considered a major...but it is for me!!!
I final tabled the 60k guaranteed today on Absolute. I was CL with about 20 to go and then battled it out for the CL when it was down to the final 13-18 but lost a huge coin flip on the FT bubble AK<1010 which if i had won i would have had double second place chips but oh well. I went into the FT in 8th place and after some push fold poker that where i ended up busting. I got $1704 which isnt to bad since i satellited in for $40, well actually i played in two sats. to it. One was a $20 freezeout and the other was a $40 sng. I got in on the sng but lost the tourney so i was in for $60 but won a last longer bet with a player Pokerskibum for $25 so i was really in for $35.

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