Friday, March 30, 2007

2 FTs, a cashout and Stars

so last night i played in the Absolute $7k guaranteed tourney and i got 7 place for @ $250 and this morning i got 4 place in the pokerstars $11 tourney for $497, of course i took a bad beat in that one when we were 4 handed but oh well. I FINALLY HAVE A BR ON STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a plyer from Absolute to trade me $100 for stars and after 4 DS to the sunday million and a few sngs i was down to $35. Also i cashed out 2k from Absolute so i am going to have to be carefull on there now because i am not going to move down levels and only have about 20 buyins left, never mind i forgot i cashed in that tourney and didnt feel like deleting that. I might try to satty in to the 150k and the 60k this weekend but i dont know, my main goal is just to work up my stars roll by playing all of the really +ev sats on there and keeping the T$

my SN on stars is dezznutzzz fyi


Alex Fitzgerald said...

Sorry man I only play the $20.00 180s (says in big balla voice). Good luck to you though bro and cognrats on your wins.

You know if you ever want money on Stars maybe we could set something up. I don't have any funds on Absolute.

carter said...

why you looking at the 4.40s i was in? i was chip leader in the 20 and 30fzout at the same time,,i am running pretty low on funds that I am not sure i am gonna be able to make the transfer at this time. Maybe in a few weeks, but not currently. I am sorry I couldnt respond to you....lifetime chat ban